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Dates: (0211) 1712275 seven days a week,
and holidays

English Information

Welcome to the ARESHA-Team website for tantramassages.

Our price list

We are a creative team of bodyworkers and we invite you to enjoy a sensual fullbodymassage in our beautyful massage space in the center of Düsseldorf, an oasis for relaxation and inspiration.

Our tantramassages are fullbodymassages.

We start massaging your hands and feet and slowly we will include all parts of your body. The tantramassage leads you away from activity into a quiet space of receptivity and relaxation. It opens the space for a fullbodymassage that includes also a genitalmassage if you choose so.

You are invited to be receptiv and open to enjoy the different massagetechnics and sensual surprises all over your body.

Please be aware that this is not a consealt invitation for further sexual services. We welcome you to enjoy our sensual and relaxing fullbodymassage.

Video about the beginning of a tantric massage:

Our price list:

Tantramassage "classic"
a wonderful fullbodymassage for pleasure and relaxation.
1,25 h 130 €
Tantramassage "Exquisit"
is Extra long and deep relaxing fullbodymassage. This exquisit Version of our Tantricmassage is a balanced experience of fullbodymassage and extra long and intensive genitalmassage.
1,5 h
2,0 h
150 €
210 €
Tantramassage "classic with four hands"
is a wonderful fullbodymassage for pleasure and relaxation given by two women.
1,5 h
2,0 h
260 €
360 €
Tantramassage "equisit with four hands"
is an extra long and deep relaxing fullbodymassage given by two women.
1,5 h
2,0 h
300 €
420 €
Tantramassage "honeymoon"
is a very nice and intimit experience for couples.
You will experience our tantric massage simultainiosly in the same room. You can choose to be massaged by two women or a man and a women.
1,5 h 300 €
Of course we invite women to come to our tantricmassages as well as we invite men. Women can choose to be massaged by either a man or a woman.
Men can be massaged by a man if they choose so, but we ask you to book a massage from man to man some days in advance.

We are available seven days a week from 9,00 in the morning till late in the evening, and holidays. Please make an appointment over the phone.
Our number is (0211) 1712275.

We are not able to massage "walk-in-clients" because we want to make sure that all clients have our full attention during the time of their visit.
You can get an appointment on a very short notice for example one hour before on the same day.
If you want to make sure to get your massage exactly at your favorite time we recoment to call early in the morning on the same day, or one day before.
You find us in the center of Düsseldorf close to the s-bahn station "Wehrhahn".
You can use the parkinghouse "Am Wehrhahn 72". This is a small parkinghouse with a visible gasstation on groundlevel. From there it is five minutes to walk to our place.
Most likely you will find a parkingspace around our house.
Please call us for an appointment at (0211) 1712275 and then we will give you our exact adress.
We are looking forward to see you and it is our pleasure to give your "every-day-business" a relaxing break with one of our tantramassages.

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